FIFArk’s Sake…

Ok. Let me just clear this up so we’re all on the same page: the FIFA World Cup is probably the greatest sporting show on earth. If you’ve seen any of the coverage over the last few days, you’ll know that people (especially South Africans) love the beautiful game so much, they’ll go watch ANY match. And as a rehabilitated World Cup cynic, it’s great to admit to being wrong.

Now having said that…

Recently bunch of gorgeous Dutch promo-gals got dressed up in orange mini-skirts to do a marketing stunt on behalf of Bavaria beer…at the HOLLAND – DENMARK game. Take a step back: that’s 30 women in orange, in a stadium of tens of thousands dressed in orange at a World Cup game, where the camera hardly ever makes it into the stands unless the ball does. And the only reason I know about the brand is because these women were arrested for this stunt and it made the news – WORLDWIDE. In fact, the Dutch ambassador to South Africa is getting involved in this one too. An outcome that not even Bavaria could have hoped for.

What in 19 flavours of freshly-toasted hell is FIFA doing by arresting women simply for dressing in orange mini-skirts? According to ZA police spokesman, Vish Naidoo “I can’t answer that question. I will try and find out.

Seriously. Go check out the article on if you don’t believe me (click here to open in a new window).

Anyway, it’s a rhetorical question. They’re being asses. Jackbooted, fascist asses. And shame on the police who actually carried out that arrest (that includes you, Vish, my boy). I can only hope that as one of the few places where the legal system still is progressive, independent and sane, our judges decide that this case is a blatant waste of time and tell Schelp Blubber to stick his wiener in his sauerkraut.

Or something…

And to that point, I’d like to add a few exhibits. You see, FIFA’s main case will be that they’re protecting their sponsors’ international rights to be associated with the World Cup across all media. Can I call bullshit on that? Because here’s a couple of UAE-based examples of advertising that blatantly capitalises on the World Cup…and I’m pretty sure they didn’t ask Seep Bloated’s permission. Check this out:


Or how about this subtle number?

Hey, Sepp...oh, nevermind...

There’s a good number of violations in those ads. Just ask the good folks over at who face legal action over the very same thing (click to open in a new window). Oh and that rustling is the sound of Stepp Back-Motherfluffer being too busy rolling naked in his many, many billions of dollars in revenue (“that must last FIFA for 4 years” as one clearly maths-challenged journo tried to spin it) to give a damn…


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