First off, apologies for not blogging yesterday. Deadlines have been Hydra-esque with new ones sprouting as soon as I’ve lopped the head of the previous one. And that’s also why this blog is late…

Yesterday, I had the fortune of attending the Dubai chapter of the worldwide Linchpin meetings. For those of you who don’t know, Linchpin is the title of Seth Godin’s latest bestseller – and it’s a really good read.


The aim of the meeting was to connect with likeminded people, people who in their professional and personal lives subscribed to the ideas that Seth has put forward. It was more of an introductory exercise but I was heartened to find the people that attended the meet did so in the spirit of the Linchpin ideal. Not one shill! And you know if you get more than one marketing professional together, it’s damn near impossible to pull that off. I joke. I kid. Kinda.

And we got to see the Linchpin philosophy in action as member after member provided what seemed to be much needed encouragement and advice to one of our fellows on how to go about breaking free of his current position and reaching his goals in a realistic fashion. Business cards were swopped, social media profile details were exchanged and so on.

All in all, an awesome evening with some really good insights from really good people. Big thanks to the organisers and here’s to the next one.

PS: if you haven’t read Linchpin yet or haven’t heard of Seth Godin, there’s a link to his blog on the right of this post. Click it – and open your mind…


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