Fully Awesome Friday: Flashback Edition…


So yesterday, my mate (and up-and-coming musician/producer) Spenelo (check out him out over here) posted the follow-up to Castle Lite’s Vanilla Ice ad (click to view in new window), featuring none other than…MC Hammer! Yup. It’s fully awesome. Like sequined gold parachute pants awesome!

Hammer Time! Nah nah nah nah!


That got me thinking about the 90’s and the rest of those peeps that got us through the decade with their good vibes. Looking back, it was kind of a naive time especially at home in South Africa, with the whole birth of the Rainbow Nation. In honour of that kinder, gentler time (and as a frickin’ kick-ass way to start the weekned!) here’s a retrospective at the Fully Awesome 90’s – in all its cheesy glory…

Oh and dancing at your desk is mandatory…

Kickin’ us off…2 in a Room with El Trago (The Drink). I killed this on cassette.

“I want to eat you like macaroni and cheese”. Classy. Moving along…to something a little more mainstream: New Kids On The Block!!

How were those haircuts? More gel than a pair of Asics (yes, that was a 90’s reference). Here’s one everyone likes: from before he was Big Willy, here’s the Fresh Prince…

Wow. DJ Jazzy Jeff actually got a mention in that song. Just goes to show you…you can have top billing and it’ll mean nothing if you’re the hip-hop equivalent of a hobbit with headphones. And we’re moving…to the other end of the scale, with a little Bon Jovi…from the soundtrack of Young Guns…

Maybe appropriate for the Mexican football team.

Speaking of which, can I just say, that in spite of everything the FIFAscists have done to hamstring South African commerce with regards this World Cup, I’m hoping that it goes off without a hitch. This is Mzansi’s time to market itself to the world. And if Bafana Bafana make it to the 2nd round, we’re halfway there.

And to end things off, here’s a little local flavour…BOOMSHAKA!

So that’s it. A little blind stumble down memory lane.¬†Have an awesome weekend.

Blue skies…


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