Ronald McDonald Comes Out…

Deadlines. They’re demanding.

So, just an ad from MacDonalds that left a lot of Americans feeling a little uncomfortable.

Yeah. That made Yanks uncomfy.

Really uncomfy.

The American Family Association has threatened a boycott of the clown’s culinary delights and Peter LaBarbera (snigger!), president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, had this to say,“This is a canard that the homosexual activists have been pushing for years – that if you oppose homosexual activism you are somehow a ‘bigot,’ or a ‘hater’ or a ‘homophobe.’ It’s a scandal to see a spokesman for a seemingly pro-family organization like McDonald’s echoing the gay line like this.”

Yeah, Peter. I guess you could use that same argument for any kind of  “activism” you choose (black, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Irish, Hispanic, female, anti-war,pro-life, pro-choice). In fact, you could use that argument to decry anything that doesn’t fit in with your backward, neo-conservative, “us-vs-them” life-view.

By the way, LaBarbera? Really? Chortles.

So here’s the best bit: THIS AD DOESN’T EVEN AIR ON AMERICAN TELEVISION! It’s for the French market. Someone needs to do something about the schooling system in the USA, particularly geography and maybe including a little common sense in the curriculum. Barack, I’m looking at you to put your hand up for this one…

Back tomorrow with a fully-awesome Friday post…


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