So Glad You Came…

Tourism. It’s big business – especially in South Africa right now. Seriously, even from up here in Dubai, the buzz around Mzansi and the imminent FIFA 2010 World Cup is impossible to ignore.

Unfortunately, there’s a huge amount of ignorance around South Africa (“Is that where Brazil is?”, “Where’s North Africa?”, “Egypt and South Africa are on the same continent? So you guys live near Iraq?”), a lot of which stems from the fact that we really haven’t marketed ourselves as aggressively as some other countries. That said, maybe word of mouth marketing is best, especially considering that some country tourism ads haven’t really worked as planned – and can you imagine trying to explain biltong, veldskoene or  the beauty of a masala steak sandwich to someone? By the way, click here if you really want to know about masala steak sandwiches (opens in a new window).

On that point, there have been some tourism ads that haven’t really worked out as planned. Here are a few of them…

First up, Denmark, trying to bring across the fact that its citizens live in a free society where people take responsibility for their actions – and failing miserably…

By the way, that ad was pulled after 5 days, but bay then it had already racked up 800, 000 views…

And this recent pearl from the good folks down in OZ. The outcry over this was huge, with questions being asked as to why the nation was being portrayed as a bunch of “backward bogans stuck in a timewarp”. PS: “Bogan” is the Australian equivalent of redneck.

For me though, the winner has to be this one from the Kiwis. Sheer class…

Yeah. I’d visit there…just to hang around the airport…

So how would the perfect ad for South Africa look?


One thought on “So Glad You Came…

  1. What on EARTH was Denmark thinking???!!!! I don’t understand how anyone related, on any terms, that really bad, desperation plea, with a tourism video. That is beyond me. The Australian one, meh, they hit Australia’s highlights, just a really horrible choice of music. The New Zealand clip……priceless.

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