Again? Again!

Monday Cats bring smiles.

Which of the following two statements do you identify with?

It’s Monday again!


It’s Monday…again?

On Saturday, a friend of mine updated her status with something to the effect of “There must be something wrong if I’m dreading Monday already.

She’s right.

There’s something wrong if you spend your weekend dreading the prospect of going to work.  If you spent Sunday afternoon stressing about your job, you have a problem. If you woke up this morning before your alarm went off and lay worrying about your job, then you have a problem.

And you also have the solution.

I once felt like that. I had a gig I didn’t enjoy. Sure, it was fun when it started out but with all the politics (and the cowardice that comes with it – a topic for another day), it just ceased to be fun. Over time, my job had turned from pleasure to a burden. It wasn’t fun anymore. I wasn’t happy.

So I quit.

I’m not saying you should quit but if you’re not happy where you are, you shouldn’t be where you are. Get promoted, get transferred, go lateral… and maybe if none of those work for you, maybe you should think about getting out, going elsewhere… Whatever the solution, you already know what it is.

And it’s not that easy for some of us. Maybe you have responsibilities, dependents, debts – and yes, there are trade-offs. Kick the office job and go freelance? Sure, but there’s no healthcare. Lose the suit and go work in a zoo? Go ahead, but there’s going to be a paycut. It’s scary stuff. Look, you don’t have to make the change tomorrow but you will have to make the change – and soon – before the breakdown or the heart-attack or your marriage disintegrating or your kids growing up without you…

Make a plan. Set a goal. Do the math. Add, subtract, divide, multiply…and if you can make the variables add up to your happiness, you know what you need to do.

Blue skies…


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