Of Mice and Men…

I love Pinky & the Brain.

So much so that I’m not going to use the Brain’s continuous attempts to take over the world in some lame analogy of how persistence and creativity will win out despite setbacks.

Nope. Not gonna do it.

Instead, I’m going to draw your attention to the little known fact that the Brain’s voice is based on that of Orson Welles.

Brain Welles.

Now Mr Welles had an awesome voice… In fact, he was so awesome, he is rumoured to have managed to convince large sections of the USA that they were in fact under attack by aliens, when he performed a dramatisation of HG Welles’ “War Of The Worlds” (thinking about it, George W Bush did the same thing…bygones).Yes, even the radio play was better than Tom Cruise’s watered-down, soft-nut version – and no, I don’t know if Orson and HG were related. Ask Google.


Orson was a notoriously difficult person to work with (and live with. His ex-wife,actress Rita Hayworth, divorced him after 5 years saying, “I can’t take his genius anymore”), as evidenced in this clip where he is trying to voice a TV commercial…

I think it may have been what inspired the William Shatner version. Maybe I’ll post that tomorrow.

And just to tie things up, here’s my favourite Pinky & The Brain clip…

Brain stem! Brain stem!


2 thoughts on “Of Mice and Men…

  1. WOW, knew all of the above except that he was married to Rita Hayworth. What is it with nerds and redheads?

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