Out Of Nothing….

So when last did you create something?

I mean, really make something of your own for no reason other than the joy of creation?

It’s a strange irony that, as working creatives, we’re (more often than not) reacting to problems that need solving, rather than actually creating anything. Of course, that’s how we pay the bills – but there’s more to life than that.

So get out there and create something. Make time. Get up a little earlier. Go to sleep a little later. Take 20 minutes out of your lunchbreak. Write something on the train. Compose a song while you’re sitting in traffic. Sketch something while you’re waiting for the kids to get out of school. Go on. Your soul will thank you for it.

The Truth

Speaking of creating something for the joy of it, check out Baydu’s Blog (opens in new window). It’s a new blog by a mate of mine (who in a strange coincidence is named “Baydu”) who’s been in the media game for longer than Julius Malema’s known how to tie his shoelaces…or spell his name…or walk upright. Actually, probably about 10 years longer than that.


Baydu’s Blog is all about Cape Town, life in the city and has a real no-BS, grassroots feel. In fact, he’s just put together a day out for orphans on Sunday past, completely on his own steam (using social networking to really great effect) and also managed to raise a little cash too. He’s a good bloke, passionate about the city and life and the Stormers (maybe a little too much actually)…

Do yourself  a favour and check out the site. All the cool kids are doing it…


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