Snoop Spoof Spot…

I was going to write something inspiring…

It's a kitty!

Random Cat Pic For No Reason In Particular

but it’s Monday (and even though up here in Dubai, technically Sunday is Monday because weekends are Friday & Saturday, which just totally screws with your body clock, let me tell you…I guess I just did, didn’t I?), so I’ve decided to just cop out and post this awesome Heineken Fridge/Blazed & Confused Tour spoof-spot instead…

Yes. It’s another Snoop post.

So what?

I don’t come to where you work and tell you how to mop up diarrhea, so…you know…OK?


I’ll be back tomorrow with something a little more inspiring. By the way, trying saying the title of this post as fast as you can…and then try it on your friends…

Go on. You know you wanna…


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