Full-On Friday….

PETA exploiting hot women to protest cruelty to bears. Yeah. I'm down with that.

Hectic week! Got lost twice, tried to walk around the block that the Burj Calipha stands on (bad idea – 45 minutes later) and finally watched Prince Of Persia (don’t watch it if you’ve ever played any of the games).


We’re starting things off with this gem from Stolichnya, the vodka that asks you “Would you share a drink with yourself?” A great premise for an existentialist diversion and also a pretty good ad…

Yeah. I’m more of a fan of dressing-gown Hugh. There’s just something ultimately cool about going work in your dressing-gown…unless of course that’s all you’re wearing. Then it’s just creepy…

Moving along to this awesome little effort from an Israeli band (whoops! Think I just got flagged by the Dubai Secret Service?) who shot their video incorporating iPhones. Don’t know if The Lord Of All The Cool Things (aka Steve Jobs) even cared to send them a “Well done” text message or if he’s just sitting back and enjoying the free PR. Either way, it’s worth a watch… WARNING: the music’s average, so turn it down and enjoy the visuals…

Speaking of musicians, this weird effort from Fiat was tipped to me by an up-and-coming muso, Spenelo…and really, it’s too weird not too share. Thanks buddy!

By the way, check out Spenelo on Twitter , his Blog and Facebook (all links open in new windows). All the cool kids are doing it.

And that’s me for this week… Have an awesome weekend!

Blue skies…


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