On his debut album, “Doggystyle”, Snoop Dogg asked the question “Who am I (What’s my name)?”. Thanks to that song, the album was a hit, going platinum no less than four times.

Bow wow wow.

What made the album really powerful was that it was unapologetically honest. It was all about Snoop and what he knew. In an interview with the NY Times, Snoop said, “I can’t rap about something I don’t know. You’ll never hear me rapping about no bachelor’s degree. It’s only what I know and that’s that street life. It’s all everyday life, reality.”

Be real – with yourself, with others. Don’t fake it. There are too many people out there doing that already, hiding behind designer labels, the flash of faux bling and insecurity dressed up as arrogance.

Be real. Be unapologetic for being you. Your personal brand is powerful and fragile. Don’t sell yourself cheaply – especially in world that rubs its eyes in disbelief everytime it sees something real.



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