Elementary, Dear Watson…

Baker Street Irregular

In the latest remix of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation, Robert Downey Jr plays the immortal detective. And a little something for the trivia buffs: immortal is right. 8 years after killing off Holmes, Doyle brought him back. Clearly being pushed off a cliffside into the pounding whirlpool of the waterfall-fed lake below wasn’t as fatal as readers had been led to believe.

While I may not be a detective, there is one thing I have in common with the detective and that’s the deep funk we fall into without a problem to solve. As Holmes himself said, “My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems. Give me work“.


Creativity is like playing the piano (I’d say violin to stick with the Holmes theme but I’m more skilled in tinkling the ivories): practicing is optional but leave it too long and your fingers will be a little stiffer than they should be and your touch won’t be as feather light as it could be. That’s why you need to practice – like Holmes does, solving smaller cases mentioned in the newspaper without leaving his armchair. And so when he comes up against those cases that are impossible at first sight, he’s sharp, fighting fit and ready to make full use of his abilities.

The game’s afoot. Make sure you’re not left standing…


One thought on “Elementary, Dear Watson…

  1. TRUE! My piano fingers are rusty. I can still play quite well, but like you say, without practice, comes the rust. Thanks for this one. Keep well Phrogg. 😉

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