Fully Awesome Friday…

It’s Fully Awesome Friday!

Awesome Kitteh has passed out from all the awesome.

So here are a selection of FULLY AWESOME ads that totally require your attention and your appreciation. Let’s get this “party” started (DISCLAIMER: “party” in this context refers to a figurative idea but may not actually be a party in the literal sense)!

First up: this piece from France. It’s an AIDS-awareness spot

And here’s a little slice of awesome from Johnnie Walker. It’s pure class…

Here’s a classic from Nike featuring the undisputed king of “Screw You”, Eric Cantona…

Finally, this is an ad from Pepsi that was filmed right here in South Africa (and that makes it awesome!):

Now get out of here and have a totally AWESOME weekend! Yeah. I know you all saw that one coming… Shut up. Get outta here. Why are you still here? Stop reading this. I said stop reading this. What are you? New? That’s it. I’m outta here. You can stay here if you want but I’m gone like 2 minutes ago. That’s right. You’re reading this and I’ve already left. You’re all alone. Reading this all by yourself. Still reading this…even though everyone else quit ages ago. Fine. Stay there. It’s not like I’m forcing you to. I’ve left already, remember? Stop reading. STOP reading. I give up. Used-to-nothing-having-never-been-nowhere-special-what-are-these-forks-for-sitting-in-the-back-row-at-the-movies-chewing-loudly-on-bubblegum-nafi-dot-com…



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