It’s All About You…

A lot of people aren’t comfortable with talking about their own achievements. After all, how can you talk to your colleagues about your success? It’s not like they care – and you don’t want to seem like a braggart. You can’t talk to your bosses about it. They already know about it – and you could look like you’re brown-nosing, hunting for a pat on the back…

So what to do?

Get a LinkedIn profile (or get yourself on any relevant industry-related social media site). You’ll notice a lot of people make use of these sites to record their achievement. Update your profile with your accomplishments. Write about them in material terms (“I was directly responsible for a 10% increase in sales” as opposed to “I worked as a salesperson”). And with every entry, your working profile will grow, making you more attractive to possible recruiters. Don’t be surprised if you start getting emails with job offers attached.

PLEASE NOTE: there’s a strange side-effect to this approach. You may find that you’ll be out looking for new challenges, to fill up that section on your profile. You’ve been warned…


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