Use It Or Lose It…

Unleash the creativity!!

The recent move by Conde Nast to offer its clients digital marketing services (click here to read more; opens in new window) should have advertising agencies worried. Sure, the services may not be the primary offering of Conde Nast, but if they can attract the right talent, they may be able to take a chunk of work from the ad-agencies. And that signals the start of a possible trend by more publishers (of all media) to look to follow suit.

This move also signals an opportunity for agencies to shift their mindset, to start thinking beyond the 30 second spot, the next billboard or another web-banner. These are the easy money-spinners but they’re all lazy money. And as time goes by, the money is going to get scarcer and scarcer…

Agencies need to start thinking of themselves as creative-solutions providers. This means thinking about how they can harness their creativity to create new products and new services for their clients.

It’s not impossible.

It’s not improbable.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s probably common sense.

You’ve got all these extremely creative people locked in a room for 8 hours. Put them to work. Use the collected conceptual powers of these talents and get them focused on finding new ways for your brand to delight your consumer and put you beyond your competition’s grasp.

So what has your ad agency done for you lately?


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