Fuller-Figured Friday…

Lane Bryant came up with this piece of madness…

How crazy is that!?

What a refreshing change from the Bulimia Babes. A sexy, voluptuous woman…in lingerie…looking sexy…and not slutty…in lingerie! Crazy! Insane! Who woulda thunk it?

Maybe that’s why FOX and ABC banned the ad. That’s what Ashley Graham (the honey in the video) thinks anyway…and I gotta say, on the evidence at hand (think GoDaddy and the Paris Hilton/Carl Jr spot), she may be right…

Here’s Paris…

And she’s advertising something to do with food. Not that you’d know considering you don’t actually see a burger anywhere in the ad until the end. But she’s skinny so it’s OK for her to flash some skin…

Double-standards or a storm in a Double-D Cup? What do you think?


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