The #1 Brand Delusion…

Charlie Brown - the ultimate in gullibility


The Urbandictionary [click here to get educated] defines “PRONOID” as “someone who, contrary to all available evidence, believes that he/she is well liked or popular”.

A lot of brands suffer from this affliction. It’s probably the number 1 Brand Delusion. It’s as if they believe that all they have to do to be liked is release a whole stack of self-congratulatory press releases, high-budget TV commercials and pretty posters. It’s like deep skin diving in the company Kool-Aid.

And they believe this because they believe you’re an idiot. They believe you’ll buy into anything they sell you. How could you possible you hate them? Of course, when you’re swimming along the bottom of the company Kool-Aid tank, it’s hard for to hear the answer to that question. And that’s why when you throw their crap back at them, they get all hurt and sensitive, like Nestle and the Kit-Kat saga [click here to get reminded]…

But what really gets me is that they believe you’ll just welcome them back when they screw up. They believe you’re gullible enough to buy anything they tell you.

Don’t believe me?

Check out this piece of ass courtesy of Nike and Tiger Woods. The voice-over is supplied by Tiger’s late father…

So powerful. So dramatic. So full of it. That voice-over was stolen…sorry, re-appropriated for this commercial from an interview Tiger’s dad gave about Tiger’s mom.

And Nike and Tiger think you’re an idiot so they tried to put this one over on you. They figure you’ll buy into the “Aw, shucks” factor, that maybe Tiger’s dad would have forgiven Tiger…so you should hate yourself if you don’t.

So, how does that make you feel? Still wanna buy those golf shoes? Still feel like Tiger’s given up trying really hard not to get his slice of what’s in your wallet? Still feel like he’s the kind of guy you’d leave alone with your wife or your daughter?

Just asking…


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