Friday Funny…


It’s Friday!

Here’s a word of warning for the ZAffers: we’ve got a few 4-day weeks coming up. That means there’s a danger of people under-appreciating what Friday really means. And this is what happens when you disrespect Friday.

Friday Fail

Don’t let this be you. You’ve been warned.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…

This is some serious uber-coolness from adidas. They’re bringing out the big guns to win the hearts and minds of hip young things everywhere. This is gonna be a massive campaign so get on the bus or stay at home and watch Dr Phil.

And your mom’s on Facebook… No. Really. They wrote a song about it…and it goes a little something like this:


A little while back, Capitec was recognised as a Great Brand of Tomorrow by Credit Suisse. Out of 3000 brands and 500 countries, Capitec was the only (South) African brand to receive this honour. So they threw out an open brief through IdeaBounty to find an ad that they felt best celebrated this achievement. 600 or so entries received and guess who won? Click here for a hint…

And in conclusion, here’s a word from…well…oh, hell…just check this out:

Yup. I got nothin'.

Have an awesome weekend!


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