Kulula 2 – Fifa 0

Remember how Kulula put one past Fifa last week? There was a massive kerfuffle and Fifa told Kulula to withdraw the ad.

Marketing manager of Kulula, Nadine Damen: “They said we cannot depict the Cape Town stadium, we can’t use soccer balls, or the word ‘South Africa’, and the depiction of the national flag is not allowed. They also told us we cannot use the vuvuzela, which, in our view, is representative of the people of South Africa and their love of football.”

In short, Kulula dropped their prices as per Jerome Valcke’s (Fifa General Secretary) request but they weren’t allowed to tell anyone about it. And ambush marketing laws aside, Fifa seems to have set out to tie the hands of local businesses when it comes to getting their slice of the pie. More money for Sepp Blatter maybe? Apparently, his salary has never really been declared. Just saying…

Anyway, this is the latest iteration of that ad.


Hey, Sepp Blatter! Stick that in your sauerkraut, you miserable man.

Fifa FAIL. Kulula (and their agency of record, King James) For The Win!

You can read more here:



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