Got The (Re)Runs?

KFC really went out of its way this time. Seriously, would you want to drink anything after this ad?


Is it just me or did it look like that one dude just got hit IN THE FACE by projectile diarrhea? How the hell is that supposed to whet my appetite? I’m too busy fighting the urge to throw up on the screen to even consider drinking that stuff. Plus it’s all chunky!? When did drinking something with the texture of cold baby puke suddenly become cool?

Oh wait, there was that Jackass thing…

By the way, this ad was first flighted in September 2009 in Australia. Yeah. This is a re-run. It’s right up there with those badly dubbed haircare commercials for engagement value. It’s not even a campaign thing. It’s a retail ad. Surely they could have let one of the agencies down here create something a little more relevant?

You should be offended…

A little something extra: if you think that ad was sick, you should check out Pamela Anderson’s little bit about the brand on behalf of Kentucky Fried Cruelty (warning: don’t click the link if you’ve a weak stomach).

And here’s a pic of Ms Anderson just to balance out that horrible ad.

Pam doesn't want you to eat KFC.

And already I’m feeling a lot better…


4 thoughts on “Got The (Re)Runs?

  1. Not sexy.
    Whatever flavour is being licked off the shoulder at 0:05 should be taken off the menu immediately.
    This ad suffers from a tired idea and an awful product.

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