Republic Of Fifa…

Sepp Blatter. What the hell kind of name is that anyway? Sounds like the noise made by someone blowing his nose against a pig leather handkerchief.


Soppy Blower and his gang of legal hitmen are going after Kulula airlines for their latest advertising campaign. Herewith, exhibit “A” :

Cheeky but clever.

Personally, I think it’s a pretty cute piece of advertising – and technically there’s nothing wrong with it – especially since it’s not yet a month after the South African government began investigating the allegations of price fixing among the airlines and Jerome Valcke (aka Snooty Blowhard’s General Secretary) asked tour operators to cut their punitive prices.

So this bold move by Kulula must be a good thing.



Schlep Blather’s attorneys claim Kulula violated Fifa’s trademark of the use of “South Africa”. Yup. Apparently, Fifa owns the term “South Africa”. Can you imagine the implication in Geography exams? In addition, soccer balls (not just the official one) and stadiums (again not just an official stadium) can’t be used. Oh and Soup Bullfrog says you can’t use the national flag either.


Well, I live here in South Africa, Schlurp Bloomer. I am allowed to say that, right? That I live in South Africa? Or do I need to check with you first? And I mentioned Fifa thrice now. You gonna sue me for that too?

Grow up, Mr Blatter. Call off your dogs and spend the legal fees on something constructive…like upgrading your wardrobe. The sweaty, rumpled look is not classy at all.

Oh wait…

[UPDATE: Kulula have struck back! Click here for more details]


5 thoughts on “Republic Of Fifa…

  1. It’s absolutely crazy… makes me wonder at the sanity of the world.

    To that end, I’m the proud owner of

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