Do Metrics Count?

Scary, no?

The question is: when it comes to creativity, do metrics count?
The answer is “YES“.

Creativity without an objective or an idea of return is a waste.

Ad agencies are approached with a business problem for which they’re paid to solve. In other words, the client is looking for a result, a return on their investment.

What is the return? HINT: It’s not an industry award.

The answer is in the brief. It’s what the client wants.

Increased awareness, increased traffic to the site, increased purchases…

Sure you can hide behind the truth that advertising alone cannot perform wonders for a brand, but the truth is that advertising does have an effect on a brand and that effect can be measured. Even when that effect is 0, it’s still measurable.

And if you’re scared of metrics, you’re scared of a challenge.

You’re scared of being original…because anything that’s not original will not have the slightest discernible effect on an audience that has grown increasingly bored with the norm.

In fact, creatives should want to have their efforts measured.

We should want to fight for the blip on the radar.

That’s how we push the limits on what we can produce.

Stop hiding behind easy. Go buy a ruler…


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