When Clowns Do Marketing…

The bastard child of capitalism and mediocrity...

So McDonalds sells really great coffee! And awesome pecan nut tarts! And they’ve been doing it for a while.

Of course, you’d be forgiven for not knowing this, since the advertising/marketing behind this new-ish (it’s been around for a while overseas) offering has been pretty dire.

Actually, it’s been non-existent.

For some reason, it’s been decided that it’s just not worth the effort to get us excited about the Mc-Coffee vibe, unlike this little effort that could easily have been replicated or (GOD FORBID!) even improved upon, down here.

It’s nothing new. The same thing happened with District 9’s marketing. We missed the entire campaign by about 2 months. Our own local media only caught a whiff of it by the time it was winding down overseas.

And clearly adidas just doesn’t see the benefits in extending its global marketing programme to this country. The Star Wars range of sneaks (which marketing campaign I’ve written about somewhat) arrived in the stores about a week or so ago without so much as a rogue storm trooper.

Why do we put up with this box-checking, mediocre approach?

Take your time. Make like Ida Corr and think about it.

I’m out of theories myself.

What’s apparent is that mediocrity is just dandy for the South African market. They’ll suck it up, not giving a damn that they’re being treated like second-class consumers. So we didn’t get to see Snoop (or his local equivalent) and Darth Vader march down main road to deliver the first pair of sneaks. So what? Got to see it on YouTube, right?


Maybe one day, we’ll catch on that brands need to prove they deserve our support. Maybe we’ll force them to all behave like Nandos who work really hard to show us something new. Maybe one day we’ll make it so that they understand that they need us more than we need them.

We deserve better.

Or we can just carry on playing Farmville

1 thought on “When Clowns Do Marketing…

  1. Must admit, I don’t see much McDonalds advertising these days, and the thing is, my fiance’s surname is MacDonald, so I’ve got that recognition thing so it’s not like I just tune out, it would catch my eye.

    Also, I don’t drink coffee anymore, I went from being a huge fan to having to quit and I think I was so upset that when someone mentions coffee, I totally close off 😉

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