Friday Funny…

HEY!! Call your mom and tell her to put on a chicken! It’s FRIDAY!!!

So let’s get into it…

Peta (the animal-rights group, not the B-grade actress), have broken character and kicked a Tiger where it hurts (see what I did there?). Check this out:

Bad kitty!

Too much fun.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, a land known for its racy advertising, Paris Hilton (another B-grade actress. Yes. I’m being kind) has caught flack for her “performance” in an ad for Devassa Bem Loura, a local beer. Check this out:

SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION: Also in Brazil is an ad-agency called RaeMP. Why is this important? Well, they only contacted me for an interview on things South African, advertising and so on. See, mom? I told you I was gonna be a winner. Ha.

You can read the interview here (HINT: Google Translate is your friend. Some things may get lost in translation so don’t lambaste me for my opinions until you’ve asked me about them. Oh yeah, I’m also working on the transcript).

And finally, meet Tim Vaccarino, creative director and All-State Klutz.

The only way that would have been funnier if it was a toddler with a puppy walking into that door. But don’t you love how he can’t compute that the door didn’t evaporate in anticipation of his every move?  I think that’s just a general creative director thing. Ha.

And that’s the end of the week.

See you guys on Monday.

Blue skies…


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