Dead Air…


I’ve been saying it for the longest time now.

Radio needs to work harder and smarter. Cut the amount of mindless shit being spewed out by know-nothing DJs, cut the amount of useless shit being advertised and add more relevant content – especially from the DJs (TIP: if you’re only going to speak about yourself or read another bloody “funny email”, shut up and play another song).

In January of last year, I blogged about the programming manager of a well-known local commercial radio station who told me “Digital radio is dead. It’s not a threat.“ And this at a time when the FCC was mooting the Whitespace frequency for digital-radio roll out.

Well, buddy, have I got news for you…

Aha Mobile brings you Aha Radio, a free mobile application that transfers a broad range of web-based information into a customisable radio experience.


In English that means you can listen to real-time traffic reports, Twitter and Facebook updates, plus 50 channels of content-podcasts with stuff like restaurant reviews, and news from NPR and Fox.

In addition, there will be “community-stations“, where you’ll be able to communicate with other usersif you want.

And that’s the big thing: “if you want“. You’ll only get the content you want. So you decide which Twitter streams, Facebook updates, news reports, etc you want to listen to.

What about music? Well, rollout is currently through the iPhone, so you’ll have the music you want to listen to, but there is also discussion about linking to mobile music providers. In addition, the revenue model is based around 10 second ad flashes (which I’m guessing will ultimately be customised) and premium content and services subscriptions (think GPS direction services).

It’s the world beyond radio…and it’s getting closer…


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