Copping Out…

It’s Tuesday.

And I’m over it. So I’m copping out.

Let’s be honest, Tuesday is just a waste of a day. Seriously. They could have extended the weekend and made Tuesday the beginning of the week. At least then it would have a purpose.

Bad things happen on a Tuesday.

The Titanic sank on a Tuesday.*

Mount Vesuvius erupted on a Tuesday.*

Abraham Lincoln was shot on a Tuesday.*

Ryan Seacrest was born on a Tuesday.*

And this ad was probably made on a Tuesday…probably…

Gawd. It’s just horrible. This is what happens when ads are made without adult supervision. Ugh. I’m sorry you had to see that, but you had to know. You had to see for yourself what happens when you let your guard down on a Tuesday. Don’t let this happen to you. Tell your friends. See your mom. Or something…

Anyway, I’m done. See you on Wednesday.

* OK. So some of those things may not have actually happened on a Tuesday but  they could have. Actually, I’m so over today I just couldn’t be bothered to research bad things that happened on a Tuesday…but you can bet there are plenty of them. You can just bet on it.


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