The Height of Laziness…

The poster child for lazy marketing

How tall are you? Just kidding…

Ok, Ok…I’ll just get on with it then, shall I?


Email marketing is lazy marketing.

It shows the recipient that you don’t really care enough to treat her as an individual. Instead, you’ve tried to cheat the game by drawing her name from a database and having the computer insert it in the relevant place. The best bit: that’s what agencies call “personalisation”. Problem is that it doesn’t really help if the offer itself is generic…and that the email is unwanted. And yes, the recipients know this. That’s why they delete your crappy emails – without reading them.

Think about how many offers you get in your email. I’m talking about those unwanted annoyances that clutter up your inbox. They’re the digital equivalent of those aggravating flyers you get shoved under your windscreen wipers. And if you don’t like it, how can you expect anyone else to like it to the point of buying what you’re selling?

Do something different. Do something entertaining. Show your database that even though you can’t address them as individuals, you recognise their individuality by doing something that speaks about it. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be online. And then let them email you…

Bottom line: email isn’t for marketing or advertising. It’s for communication. And yes, there’s a difference.


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