Wiff Luv, Innit?

As you may know, I’m a Manchester United fan. Have been since I was 3 days old and my old man stuck me in a Man U sweater.

Giggs - a master class in style...

And as any fan of the beautiful game (unless it’s played by Italians) knows, nothing comes between a fan and his day in the stands

This year, footy fans around the globe are faced with a serious problem: Valentine’s Day falls on Game Day. Luckily, the good folks over at Puma have a way of maybe softening the blow of telling your significant other/co-dependent/life partner that you will be at the stadium come Sunday…

Take a gander at this bit of loveliness:

Brings a tear to your eye don’t it? A quality, relevant initiative – with very subtle branding  and a healthy dose of humour… Looks like a Brand-Slam to me.

And if you click here –> PUMAHARDCHORUS <– you can send the clip and a warm-hearted message to your beloved. It might work and if it doesn’t, well, it won’t matter if your team takes maximum points on the day


Oh and happy Valentine’s day too…unless your name is Malcolm Glazer, in which case you can go and stuff a rather larger-than-normal cucumber in any one of your bodily orifices below your waist. You only have one? Guess that’ll have to do


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