Sex. Sex. Sex…

When I was young, my great-aunt Sue told me that if you wish upon a falling star, it’ll come true.

She was a lying bitch.

You see, no matter how hard I wish on those falling stars, shitty, obvious advertising seems to survive.

And Reebok have decided that they’re going to sell their new EasyTone sneakers using shitty, obvious advertising….like such:

Really? Are we still doing this kind of shit? Trying to sell to women by assuming they’ll fall for the whole “this will make you look so sexy for guys, you can’t afford not to have it” angle? Look, I’m all for sexy in an ad but I know you can fit clever in there too. I’ve seen it happen, just not here:

Yeah. This is what brought you here,

Speaking of obvious, shitty advertising, here’s Motorola’s effort from this year’s Super Bowl.

Yeah. So can you tell me the name of the feature or the model of the phone she was advertising? DON’T CLICK REPLAY.


That’s what I thought.

Shitty. Obvious. And someone believed that was all they needed. Worse yet, someone gave all these the green light…

I’m finished.

Oh wait…one last thing.

Aunty Sue…if you’re reading this, stop. You’re dead and have been for 6 years. Climb back in your grave before someone beats your head in, you mendacious zombie.



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