Uncle Steve wants you to buy this thrice over the next 5 years.

So the world has as one lost its friggin’ mind over the launch of the iPad last week.

Yeah. And you may have noticed that I’ve taken my time to write about it.

Yeah. And that’s because I’m not that impressed.

No USB, no multi-tasking, no flash support (thanks to @eXCheez for the heads up), no camera…

What the hell were Apple thinking?

They were probably thinking “We need to hype the hell out of this bitch because essentially all we’ve really got is a prototype – and we need to be first to market with this thing, so we can say we’re ‘market leaders'” or some shit.

Because that’s what this looks like: a prototype

It’s worth repeating: No USB, no multi-tasking, no flash support, no camera...

And it’s not the first time Apple has done this. They did it with the iPod and the iPhone. It’s actually a beautiful idea: test your product (and your market) at the cost of the customers.

Ok I’ll agree that when you look at the iPad, you’re looking at the future of computing…except it’s about 3 iterations away.

Seriously. So don’t reach into your pocket just yet. Hang in there. Wait for version 2…or even 3. And maybe you won’t have to be embarrased by the dorky name they’ve given this one.


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