Friday Funny…

Welcome  to the weekend…let’s get it started…

First up, Air New Zealand puts itself in the firing line with this one, entitled “Cougars”. I don’t know what any of the people involved in this were thinking.

Think you had a bad week? Spare a thought for Dave Kiely, the poor wanker…I mean banker…who was busted looking at soft-core porn pics ON LIVE TELEVISION! In the clip below, he’s the loss under the SKY NEWS banner in the top left corner.

Serious FAIL. Anyway, apparently he claims he was set up. Quite frankly, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. By the way, here’s a pic of Miranda Kerr…

Miranda Kerr.

OK. NOW I see what all the fuss was about.


Anyway, the poor dude is now having to face a review and may lose his job. That’s too bad. Apparently, someone’s started a blog to support him but quite frankly if you’re dumb enough to get busted in this way, then you deserve it. It should be in the GUY CODE: if you’re gonna look at hot babes on your PC, don’t do it when your monitor is being filmed by a news crew. Duh.

And finally, as you may guessed I have a problem with authority…particularly politicians. In a natural selection scenario, I truly believe politicians would be lunch. Anyway, in the States, politicial advertising is big business. Sometimes they get it right (witness Obama) and sometimes they get it wrong. And here’s an example of the latter, courtesy of Carly Fiorina – who (I’m sad to report) is not only a Democrat but also (due to lack of evidence to the contrary) not a survivor of some severe childhood head-trauma.


That’s a man…dressed like sheep…playing a wolf…dressed in sheep’s clothing.

Close the doors, Mrs Robinson. I’ve seen just about all the crap I can handle.

Speaking of crap, I hope your weekend won’t be. See you on Monday!


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