Zero Sax Appeal…

Did you buy a Sax Appeal today? You know: that time-honoured university annual that raises funds for some charity or other?

Me neither.

And here’s why:  in years gone by I remember the students dressing up to theme or at least making an effort to look extraordinary. Recently, I’ve noticed the disturbing trend just not to put in any effort…at all. I mean, what was this year’s theme? “Students Assing Around At Intersections“? The teams I saw in Pinelands were just not even trying. Let’s be honest: the articles are hardly side-splittingly funny or even close to good writing. So there’s got to be another reason for buying it.

I think it’s the entertainment value of watching guys and girls in costume trying to outdo each other when it comes to sales, be it flirting with the customer or playing the fool or taking on a dare. I remember being accosted by 3 guys trying to sell me a mag and the guy who told me a knock-knock joke as part of his pitch got my cash.

How it used to be

I’m not suggesting we get the girls to dress like extras out of Moulin Rouge (though I might buy 10 copies from the ones that do…each) but couldn’t they at least TRY and use a little creativity to sell these things? There was that one year when all the guys wore board shorts for a Beach Party theme (I think it rained that day) and they stuck to the theme regardless. I bought two copies that year.

Bottom line: if you’re no going to make an effort to sell it to me, I’m not going to make an effort to buy it.


2 thoughts on “Zero Sax Appeal…

  1. “So there’s got to be another reason for buying it.”

    Umm – would it be because they give all the money to Shawco to improve the quality of life for individuals in developing communities in the Cape?

    Tight git.

    • So, essentially because I refuse to buy some 2nd-rate publication I am branded a tightfisted Scrooge?
      Let me think about that for a second…
      I can live with that.

      Sadly, my cypher-monikered friend, you’ve missed the point.
      People like me fork out for the warm and fuzzies.
      Part of the whole Sax Appeal experience is the vibe.
      No vibe, no money.
      It’s like those random women that intrude upon your space while you’re dining in a restaurant, toting cheaply-made teddybears,
      a shit-eating grin and some sob story about some arbitrary charity.
      They’re not getting my money simply because their vibe (and their timing) sucks.
      You got to create a vibe.
      Get people curious.
      Get people excited.
      Make them want to part with their money.
      And against the backdrop of such niggling annoyances as the Earthquake in Haiti, SHAWCO and Sax Appeal need to up their game.
      Non-descript vendors don’t interest anyone.
      And I may be wrong, but judging from the folks who drove past the students without a second glance, it looks like I wasn’t the only one thinking that.

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