Friday Funny…


It’s the bonus edition of the Friday Funny!! So take some time to laugh at others less fortunate than you, starting with…

Hell Hath No Fury (tx to Babs for tipping this)
So let’s assume you’re a high powered executive type guy with a penchant for hooking up with hotties. Let’s call you Charles. You’re a successful black man: head of Oracle, on Barack Obama’s advisory board, that kind of thing…

And then you suffer a lapse of judgement and you hook up with some ghetto-fabulous chick named…YaVaughnie.

No really.

That’s her name. I’d sue. How do you pronounce that shit? YaVogney? YaVawney?

Anyway, after 8 years of shtupping YaVaffnay, you decide to go back to your wife. Understandably, YayaVavi loses her shit. So she takes out billboard space telling the entire world about your affair. And your ass is the punchline  of  jokes across 3 states.

Charles and Yanavanabanana

Yup. Should have known better, Chuck. I haven’t seen a weave that bad since…since…actually I’ve never seen a weave that bad. Dating some hood rat, Chuck… And how do you moan out ” Oh, Yabadabbadoo” during sex anyway?

Moving on…

“A cheese is coming…”
It’s the 100 cheesiest movie lines of all time!! OF ALL TIME!! Featuring J-Lo (or Lobo or Jar-Jar Binks or whatever the hell she’s calling herself these days) and Ben-ben in that scene:

[Scene: Yojo and Ben on bed….trying to flirt]
Yojo: “It’s turkey time”
Ben: “Huh?
Yojo: “Gobble. Gobble.”

AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!! Holy shit, that’s a grim proposition. And we’ve only got 99 more to go…

Ah. Sam L. Jackson. Always a crowd pleaser… And speaking of pleasers:

Bubble wrap bikini

Why? Why not

So what were you expecting?

And we’re done.

Have an awesome weekend.


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