Boys’ Own…

Remember those “EAGLE” and “DAN DARE” comics? No? Just me then? Ok

Then the following ads for the Ford Ranger won’t have any relevance for you. They’re based on those and the old “BOYS’ OWN ADVENTURE” comics. Check it out:


There's an "APESHIT" joke in there somewhere...

Yeah, so I wasn’t really that impressed actually. Don’t get me wrong, Ogilvy’s approach is novel – and I kinda like the whole “Action Man” vibe (hey, I’m a nostalgic old so-and-so), but I think an opportunity was missed here.

It would have been really cool to go the whole hog and design an entire comic book for this campaign. Digitally, of course. Y’know, like the continuing adventures of Ranger Guy…or something. Maybe even some “action tunes” for your driving pleasure (available thru iTunes) or “old school cliffhanger” type ads – if we’re going to play the retro game. I’m thinking with my mouth open on this one.

Meanwhile, Wunderman has designed web banners (Really? In 2010?) to go along with the campaign.  I haven’t seen any yet but I’m dying to…kinda.

That seems like a poor place to end the post. So, here’s another one of those ads:


Yeah. That’s not much better…


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