Snoop Vader…

So,  if you’ve been hanging around me for any amount of time, you’ll know that I’ve basically sold my soul to the highest bidder to ensure I get my paws on a pair of these:

Millennium Falcon kicks - not for wussies.

A closer look at the awesomeness


And compose…breathe…breathe…


So, Sid Lee came up with this friggin’ awesome commercial for these sneaks. And here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Snoop Dogg and Darth Vader.

That just happened.

Isn’t that seventy flavours of friggin’ awesome!!??
If you didn’t know, now you know…

In a related sidenote, along with the Death Stars, Yodas, Tie Fighters etc, there are also Princess Leia kicks. Like so:

Princess Leia sneaks?

Princess Leia sneaks?

And these are apparently based on her bikini slave-girl outfit. Like so:


Yeah. I dunno how I feel about that…

Anyway, STAR WARS sneaks!! From adidas!!

And that may be all you need to know…

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