Faster! FASTER! OK. Too Fast Now…

My late father had a phrase to describe the practice of people looking busy and not making any progress: hurry up slowly. Among his many -isms, this was his most used, mostly because there were so many opportunities to use it. And even to this day, it’s an appropriate phrase.

So what the hell am I talking about?

This weekend I saw an ad posted on for a digital creative team with solid digital skills to start working at an NYC agency. The thing that got me about the ad is that they didn’t want any telecommute candidates.

And that makes no sense to me.

Surely in this age of Skype, vid-cons, high-speed data connections, Google’s ubiquity and the like, we’ve moved on from forcing our employees to drive desks? Surely, we’ve moved on from paying people for being present to paying people for being productive? And surely, that’s true most of all for anything digital?

Hurry up slowly…


2 thoughts on “Faster! FASTER! OK. Too Fast Now…

  1. In the job I left last year, there was honestly no reason for us to ever go into the office for the work that we had to do…but they wanted us there because apparently, they had such a low opinion of us that they believed we wouldn’t actually work @ home.
    Surely if you’re required to meet weekly deadlines and actually produce something, this shouldn’t be a problem?
    People really need to start waking up.

  2. Dude, you dont want me to even hint at a start on this topic… If you do, hurry up and wait…

    K, couldnt help myself: I reckon it’s a power and thereby a control issue. Why waste 8-9 hours a day of someone else’s time when you could make them come in to the office, and get them to spend an additional 3-4 hours of their day in traffic, for free! Sarcasm aside, I cant think of any logical reasons. Even Google have offices (Actually a gargantuan campus with every facility you could imagine to push productivity <— oh wait, that's the key right there…).
    Maybe it's the lure of the free coffee and an open field parking space? No wait, that get's taken off your salary too, cost to company and all that.

    My last thoughts: how would your boss/company justify it's costs to it's clients with no overheads – no systems, no mouths to feed, no offices to light up and furnish etc? Oops, cutting costs to increase profits, damn who said that? And, a happy workforce is a productive workforce which also leads to profit gains… Where'd that come from? No misappropriation of company property. Better stop now or I'll get .. erm … misappropriated myself.

    I think we should start something new here (old concepts, but put into practice effectively), could even prove to be sustainable… Imagine that.

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