Claim It…

Burchell’s zebra. Washington, DC. The Graffenberg spot. The Heimlich manouver.

All of these have one thing in common: they didn’t “exist” until they were named.
Sure, they were there, probably before they were even considered, but until they were defined and named, no-one cared.


Maybe you have a specific way of doing things.
Or maybe you’re the person people come to when they need a specific solution to a specific problem.

Claim that. Give it a name. Package it and “sell” it. Build your brand. Live forever*

You are your best product and your best marketer. Find that one thing you’re good at and make it yours.
Do it right and success will follow.

*Or until some sarky scientist sets out to prove what you’ve “discovered”, doesn’t really exist at all – and give guys everywhere one less reason to stress about sex.  Yup. Apparently the G-spot doesn’t exist, which raises the question: what the hell was that?


One thought on “Claim It…

  1. Toe-thumbs… HIlarious…!

    It REALLY is creepy… The person seems normal, even likeable & suddenly, they stroke their own face, getting hair out their eyes or something… And before you know anything your eyes have locked onto these… these thunks (can’t quite call them thumbs – cos they not!?)

    I’ve actually had two girlfriends who had those beauties. The first I didn’t understand, then with the second I thought all chicks where built that way… And now I know they are!

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