Dance Fat Boy, Dance…


Yesterday, I blogged about the Shiny Horny Suds debacle. Lots of debate offline too.Words like misogynist thrown about.

Just another Wednesday night at my house really.


Now the shoe is on the other foot. Witness the Orangina (unfortunate but appropriate name) ad that unapologetically depicts the gross sexual objectification of a rather unfortunate-looking fat man…or something…

You laughed didn’t you? Or you at least smirked. But other than that, the only other sound you’ll hear around this spot is the deafening silence of no-one giving a damn.

And rightly so.

Because there’s nothing funnier than humiliating a fat guy down to his tighty-whities, right? Right? Ok. Maybe watching a toddler running into a door is marginally funnier but then this is a close second.

I’m willing to bet this ad will run its full schedule…because that’s how  it should be…unless the same bloody Mother Grundies who removed the Golliwogs from Noddy, who lightened Aladdin’s skin, who change Fanny to Frannie in “The Magic Farwaray Tree” and who declared the Ninja Turtles as satanic, get their way…

And then we’re all royally buggered.


One thought on “Dance Fat Boy, Dance…

  1. The same lot who didn’t like the soap ad are, in fact, kicking up a fuss about this as well:

    At first I shared a little of your “don’t they watch the news?” response – it seems like such a luxury to worry about seeming trivialities like this – but then comments like this make me think again:

    (by Rana) “…It’s fucking sick, and it’s no surprise that so many people’s reaction to learning about Abu Ghraib was what’s the big deal instead of horror. It’s part of one huge experiment in human desensitization to the pain of others.”

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