At What Cost?

Why do we insist on using athletes to front products they’re clearly not interested in or relevant to? Yes, I ended that sentence on a prepostition. Shut up.

I’m talking about Herschel Gibbs fronting KFC, when he should be the spokesman for some alcohol brand. Or The Beast trying to convince us that he likes a certain brand of razor. Or Bryan Habana asking you to give him five for germ-free hands.

Seriously. Who buys this crap? They’re not even coached properly (see what I did there?) when it comes to delivering the pitch. And that’s because they don’t care! They’re just there for the cheque.

And that’s where the real problem lies: at what point do these guys decide that their integrity is up for sale? Yes, sport is a business, but damn it, isn’t there any decency or self-respect left anywhere?

Don’t believe me? Then check out this piece of celluloid horror, scraped from the bottom of the barrel (the outside, not the inside):

It’s just embarrassing. John Smit is an affable bloke. I’ve seen the press interviews and even post-match, he’s more articulate than his meat-puppet performance in that ad. And just to put it into real perspective, that’s the guy who captains our national rugby team, punting a bloody cellular reseller. Sad really, when you consider how many kids identify him as a role-model.

As I acknowledged before, sport is a business. So by all means, punt away. But for the love of yellow chickens, could you at least do it with some integrity? Put your name on something you believe in as opposed to something that pays your mortgage. It worked for Michael Jordan, Shaq, Beckham…

So what’s the cost of your integrity?


3 thoughts on “At What Cost?

  1. Perhaps at the extensive training camps they could start some sort of compulsorary Thespian/ Amatuer Dramatic society. Only compulsorary if the athlete ‘are’ considering ‘boff’ sports and advertising!

  2. kids identify him as a role-model = cash
    integrity = less cash
    fame = choice (integrity) = more cash !

    as you can see it gets very complicated, but at the end of the day, cash = cash

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