It didn’t take long at all. Nando’s has stepped up and said out loud what we’ve all been thinking…

Yup. That’s about right…

A LITTLE SOMETHING EXTRA: as P rightly pointed out in the comments below, Windhoek got there first. So after a little Googling, I found this:

Thanks for the heads up, Shawty…


6 thoughts on “Post-RASionalisation…

  1. Dude, Windhoek got to it before Nandos did. If this is only popping up recently, they were beat to it. Windhoek says,”What are you doing Ras? We don’t smoke before we sing the anthem Ras.”

    • Yeah. I saw that one. Just couldn’t find an online version of it (TRANSLATION: I was too damned lazy to actually go look because I only thought of blogging this about 15 mins ago. LOL).

      Thanks for stopping by and taking time out to leave a comment.

  2. Dude, you are a rockstar! Just want you to know! I am so gonna start following this blog. I am also on wordpress. Joined just last week, busy moving my stuff over from Blogger, when I am done, will let you know.

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