The Line…

For writers everywhere, there is one sure way of ensuring immortality: writing The Line. The Line is that one thing, that catchphrase that gets repeated at watercoolers and in STD clinics (in fact, wherever men congregate in large groups after a good weekend) around the world…and is repeated ad infinitum. It’s sure-fire immortality. And you can write it anywhere. Still no idea what I’m talking about? Ok, check this out:

Yeah. Good lines. Not all of them winners, but it’s late. Cut me some friggin’ slack.

So…how do you write The Line?

Well, let me tell you…I have no idea. Really. I’m still looking for The Line. It’s out there somewhere. Probably hiding in a box of chocolate raisins. At least, I think they’re raisins. They’re kinda fluffy. That can’t be right.

Ok. That’s the end of the post… No really. It’s over. Close the window…


One thought on “The Line…

  1. Coming up with The line, slogans, and all those sort of branding/trademarking items are always the hardest part for any venture in my opinion, getting those right can lead to a snowball of effective events just simply because you choose the right one..

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