High Karate…

Sometimes the gods smile, the planets align and the winds are favourable…Most often in advertising that doesn’t happen: the gods go play golf, the planets spin out of control and the only wind you’ll experience is that of a pompous and flatulent management-type with delusions of adequacy.

Luckily today’s post is about the rare former. I present a jewel in the rough, the Medal Paints TV campaign; a simple set of ads based around the importance of having the right colour…

Simple. Effective. And damn, that smack just felt good. It’s the kind of smack you want to dish out to your immediate superior, when he grins his smug little shit-eating grin comfortable in the knowledge that because he’s so far up the big (and by big I mean obese) boss’ ass that despite his incredible displays of ineptitude, you can’t touch him. Then again, would you want to? Touch him, I mean. I think the reasons for smacking him are pretty self-evident.

I digress…

As I said , this is a great ad: entertaining and memorable. And the rest of the campaign is as clever. Big up and respect to the agency behind it. Really gold-medal stuff (oh shut up, you knew it was coming)…


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