Friday Flashback…


Nando's grabs it by the balls...

So, Joost Van Der Westhuizen, one-time national rugby superstar, has confessed (for the overseas readers, Google please). “It are me in der sexy-tape.”

Yes, Joost, it are you.

Shock. Horror. Another national sports-hero who just couldn’t handle the fame. Well played, Joost. Well done for living the dream…dumb-ass.

By the way, that’s “hooker” as in “prostitute”, not the the guy in the front row of the scrum. That said, this sex tape is 3 years old and anything could have happened since then.

Personally I still think Joost is a great role-model. Hundreds of young men aspiring to be a Springbok and coming up through the ranks are going, “OK. If I’m gonna sniff cocaine off a hooker’s ass, I’m not gonna record it. Gonna do this undercover. In another country. Dankie Oom Joost (Thanks, Uncle Joost).”

So some good came out of it….

Anyway, here’s a flashback to something else that was good. Joost, you don’t have to watch this. There aren’t any hookers here.

Have a great weekend…and if nothing else, take heart that yours will be a little better than the next 48 hours in the Van Der Westhuizen household.

Live the dream.

One thought on “Friday Flashback…

  1. dude had holes in his underpants because he was whipping them off so much. Don’t be skelm about getting a bit of skelm is the moral of this story. Joost should make a rap song and get a ride out of his bad boy image, instead he decides to apologise and look stupid. Look at Chris Brown beating up Rhiannon and he wasn’t sorry, but then again she was responsible for that umbrella ella ella song. It probably came on the radio again and he just flipped. Violence against women is not being condoned here, her producer and everyone else involved in that song should have been given a klap too.

    lekker, Joost you Hond

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