Rolling Your Own…

When I was young (shut up!), I had a teddy bear. Everywhere I went, I had that teddy bear. It wasn’t much of a bear, but then I wasn’t much a of a kid.

Anyway, that’s the end of the tenuously-linked intro bit…

In the spirit of taking things from the sublime to the ridiculous, here’s the Baby-Soft ad that threatens to steal my last thread of sanity and drive me over the edge into a flaming abyss of madness where normality is a myth and people like Joe Jackson are taken seriously.

I just wanna say something: THE KID IS SLEEPING WITH A TOILET ROLL! A TOILET ROLL! And as sure as god made small apples, I can’t be the only one who sees that. So why didn’t the client or the creative step back and see that? Too much moon-juice is one theory. Auto-fellatio is another. Both valid, I think.

I still can’t believe that this load of shite was actually voted the 2nd most-loved ad of 2008. Are people really that stupid? If so, where are they so I can take their money? Really. I hope the depression wiped you people out. You don’t deserve money. Really. Mail your salary cheques to me. You’ll get them back. Promise. Look. I’m making puppy dog eyes….


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