Zero Taste…

As if the women of this world didn’t have enough to worry about with douchebag dates like Dimitri the Stud and “role models” like Leighton Meester, now they have to put up with ridiculous portrayals of the “perfect woman” like this, courtesy of Ralph Lauren:


Thanks, Ralph. Thanks so bloody much for doing your bit to convince young, impressionable ladies (and men) that the only way to be desirable is to starve yourself into a stupor and then wear something in this season’s colour.



2 thoughts on “Zero Taste…

  1. Yip, saw this. The bottom of the trousers look wider than her waist.

    I’d say, more of the binging and less of the purging young lady!

    Extremely pretty face tho…just dont take off the clothes. Do you know who this model is? Funny that she hasnt said anything herself by now. Just another Cater Semenya I guess!! Freaks

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