You Got Served!

Remember the furore that broke out over the “Divorce-SMS” thing? C’mon…the one where the guy told his wife he was divorcing her via SMS. Muslim folks do it all the time – from the guy’s side anyway since all he has to do is to thrice declare publicly that he’s divorcing his wife. Cool…unless you’re the woman in the picture. Interestingly, if you are the woman, you need to attend a religious tribunal and show just cause for divorce. Yeah. It sucks – and you gotta wear a headscarf. But I digress…


A British High Cout has now ruled that it’s peachy-keen to drop a summons or an injunction on someone via TWITTER! Are you kidding me? Is nowhere safe? What next? Traffic fines? Arrest warrants? Deportation orders?

These things are always fun until someone tells the law about it. So here’s my little piece of advice: LOCK DOWN YOUR PROFILE! Be searchable, just don’t make it too easy for the buggers to actually find you.

Fight the power!



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