It’s Gonna Be A Party Y’all…

Or not…

Yeah. Probably not. Anyway, with the advent of Windows 7, Microsoft wants you to throw your own little launch party and they’ve even created this (demographically-correct) video (no, it’s only “viral” when it spreads) to show you how it’s done.

Yeah. Whatever. Ixnay on the condescension-ay… And am I the only one who would have loved for the black guy to junk-punch the spectacles-wearing guy? Twice? I’m sure they’re both Republicans.


DON’T THESE GUYS GET IT!? You can’t “create” a vibe where there isn’t one. That means that unless Windows users are specifically asking MS for tips on how to throw such a party, there’s no reason to go this route. Of course, as MS has proved time and again, they don’t know about talking to their people sincerely.

Lucikly for MS, the buzz around Windows 7 as a product has been pretty decent, so maybe the real power-users (who I’m betting look nothing like the vapid bunch in the video) will help their lame-ass marketing stunts by backing it up with excellent word-of-mouth marketing. And then maybe MS can fire whatever schmuck is giving them this ridiculous advice.

Of course, all this hangs off the final release of Windows 7 living up to all its promises…

C’mon Steve…make it happen…


5 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be A Party Y’all…

  1. Y’know, I thought the idea was lame when I heard it.
    After seeing this superlative piece of video wizardry, I am now certain.


    Good grief.

  2. awwwwlll righty then. You’ve pretty much summed it up. I stopped the vid after 30 seconds.. i can’t believe it goes on for another 5 minutes.

    Ok, I think I need another shower now, I feel kinda dirty now.

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