The Game Breaker…

Capitec Bank has impressed the hell out of me.

Not with that very slick ad, but by what they’re promising: convenient banking hours, the highest savings interest rates, minimal red tape. It looks like they’ve eschewed spending millions on a silly strapline that means nothing and instead have decided to innovate in the direction of their clients (something I blogged about almost a year ago to the day). That’s the game-breaker. Doing right by your clients – by creating solutions they need and not trying to screw them out their money. In strong contrast to Allan Gray’s fluffy, non-commital ad yesterday (and indeed the rest of the banking industry) it’s a breath of fresh air.

It’s so crazy, it just might work!

And if Capitec stick to their word, they’ll soon have my business.

Full disclosure: I don’t work for nor am I in anyway affiliated with Capitec. I’m just a fan of people who get it.


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