Yeah. Allan Gray and James Dean. This one just leaves me cold – but only because I can’t see the link between the silver screen legend and the company. By the way, did you also miss the mention of an actual solution to any real problems? Me too.

Would it kill them to actually tell us what they can do for us as consumers – or is that asking too much?


4 thoughts on “Legends…

  1. it’s all in the tagline – “given more time, imagine the possibilities”
    in terms of investment it speaks directly to the potential for growth your money / investment has over time – by using James Dean they speak to the same idea – he had done so much by age 24, and then tragically died…but imagine if he had lived…
    Time – it the potential for all great things…

    • Hi lolx

      Ok….still seems slightly tenuous from where I’m sitting. The whole “given time” thing seems to be a cop-out. “We can’t offer you anything real in the way of a solution, but it MIGHT work out if you stick with us.”

      And without getting into semantics, part of Dean’s star appeal is that he died “too soon”. But that’s an opinion…

      I would have preferred a serious offer of a solution…much like the Capitec folks who have made serious promises to their clients with their most recent campaign. Actually planning to feature them tomorrow.

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for stopping by.

  2. I see what you’re saying, makes sense and you’re right.
    However, one could argue that they’re not offering anything “real” in a way of a solution because, considering our current economic situation there are no guarantees, aand you’re investment could literally go any way.
    So, marketing the ‘idea” of long-term potential/possibilites seems more sensible maybe then a serious promises?
    Interesting campaign i think…

    Well, look forward to Capitec one tomorrow and the opportunity to compare the two.

    Blue skies..

    • Hi lolx

      Point taken. You’re quite right in that this could be an appeal to common sense and perhaps reminding their clients not to do anything rash. That said, I still sense a missed opportunity. 🙂

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