Something Terrifying….

This is probably the most intimidating, most exciting thing a copywriter can ever experience:







No, I didn’t forget to paste an image. You’ve just seeing the something can terrify and excite any writer.

Blank space.

Literally, a blank page that needs to be filled. It’s a sometimes scary sight – especially when you’re under deadline. At the same time, it’s most exciting – all that unshaped potential waiting for you to unleash it. It’s the writer’s equivalent of a sculptor’s ball of clay or a painter’s canvas. Perhaps you know what it’s going to be…perhaps you don’t… It doesn’t matter because all writers agree that it’s that journey of discovery (that is navigated on the page and within your own creative potential) that matters. It’s like a new day, every page is a new beginning – and while life doesn’t give you that option very often, the blank page begs you to seize that chance.

So…what are you going to create today?


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